We offer a wide range of classes for both veteran and novice jewelry artist. Learn the latest techniques with hands on instructions and inspiration. All tools are provided for use during class. Classes are also available for private sessions as well as for parties! Call 210- 490-7625 for questions.
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Note: Space is limited, so register early! All classes must be paid in advance. Contact the store with your information to hold your space and to get pricing for supplies. There is a $20 non-refundable deposit on all 3-4 hour classes and a $40 non-refundable deposit required on all 5-8 hour classes. Classes must be paid in full 24 hours prior to class to continue to reserve your space. Classes are subject to change.
Beading, Kuhmihimo & Pearl Knotting
Introduction to Beading

Introduction to Jewelry Making
Beginning • 4 Hour Class
$20 (Supply Estimate $15)

April 10, 25 & May 1, 15, 29 & June 5, 12 • 2-6pm
This class is designed for the beginning jewelry artist. Make a single strand necklace and a pair of earrings. These techniques will launch you confidently into the world of stringing and design in just three hours. The supply cost varies based on the beads you select.

Pearl Knotting

Pearl Knotting
All Levels • 4 Hour Class
$25 (Supply Estimate $16)
April 17 • 2-6pm & May 29 • 10am-1pm

Learn to hand knot pearls and beads for the heirloom style fluid necklace or bracelet.

Kumihimo Japanese Braiding Technique

All Levels • 3 Hour Class
$40 (Supply Estimate $15)
April 3 & June 26 • 12-4pm

Learn the ancient Japanese braiding technique with many strands of super duo beads and seed beads.

double leather and rhinestone bracelet

Double Leather & Rhinestone Bracelet
All Levels • 3 Hour Class
$20 (Supply Est. $20)
April 25 & June 5 •10am-1:30pm

This stunning leather adjustable bracelet adds a lot of bling to your wrist. Double layers of rhinestones and you get to choose from a wide variety of colored leather.

Leather Bracelet

Leather Wrap Bracelet with Katie Holland
All Levels • 3 Hour Class
$20 (Supply Est. $10)
Feb. 13 • 2pm to 5:30pm
April 26 • 12-4pm & May 15 •10am-1:30pm

Learn this easy method of weaving crystals and leather to produce a fun bracelet.
Instructor: Katie Holland

Flower Pendant & Necklace
All Levels • 2 Hr. Class
$20 Plus $12 Kit  
May 16 & June 6 • 6pm -8pm

Make a fun spring necklace using one of our new sterling silver flower components.

Chain & Beaded Bracelet
All Levels • 2 Hr. Class
$20 Plus Kit estimate $28 
May 29 & June 7 • 6pm to 8pm

Make this charming bracelet that is a combination of chain, charms and beading.


Byzantine Bracelet
All Levels • 4 Hour Class
$35 (Kit Est. $20)
Mar 28 • 10am to 2pm • April 11 • 10-1:30pm & June 12 from 10am to 1:30

The Byzantine weave is an ancient and classic 4 in 1 weave. Learn to make this great bracelet. This is a very easy introductory class in the method of chain maille.

Helm Weave Bracelet

Helms Weave Bracelet
All Levels • 4 Hour Class
$35 (Supply Est. $20)
Mar. 28 • 2pm to 6pm & May 16 • 10-1:30pm

Learn this classic Helm weave and launch yourself into the art of chain maille with this Scandinavian design. You can request sterling rings when you call in your reservation.

Full Persian Foxtail Weave Bracelet
All Levels • 4 Hour
$35 (Supply Est. $20)
April 12 & May 17 • 12-4pm

Learn to make this stunning two tone enameled jump ring bracelet. Learn the foxtail weave.

European 4 in 1 Bracelet
All Levels • 4 Hour
$35 (Supply Est. $20)
April 11 & May 16 • 2-6pm & June 19 • 10am to 2pm

Learn this beautiful flat weave with seed beads in any color you wish. A lush cuff look

Bead Stitching and Loomingwith Sue Charette-Hood
Loom Plus Bracelet

Loom Plus Bracelet
All Levels • 3 Hr. Class
$35 (Kit Estimate $20)
May 8 •12-4pm

Learn to use the new Rick’s Beading Loom and you will love it.  It is very easy to use and has only two ends left on each end to finish bracelet.  Sue will also teach you how to end the bracelet and to attach a clasp.

Super Spiral Necklace or Bracelet Rope
All Levels • 3 Hour Class
$35.00 (Kit Est. $25)
April 4 • & June 27 • 2-5:30pm

Learn a variation of the spiral stitch technique with the new Super Duo beads, crystals and seed beads to create a structural rope design for a bracelet or necklace. Students will also learn how to make a beaded clasp using the peyote and ladder stitch.

super duo pendant and earrings

Super Duo Pendant and Earrings
All Levels • 3.5 Hr. Class
$40 (Kit Estimate $20)
June 28 • 12-4pm

Make a super duo and triangle pendant and earrings to match the super spiral rope necklace.

Tila Pearl and Peaks Bracelet

Tila Pearl Peaks Bracelet
All Levels • 3 Hr. Class
$40 (Kit Estimate $30)
May 9 • 10am-1:30pm

Learn how easy it is to stitch a Swarovski pearl and tila bead bracelet.

Balustrade Bracelet
All Levels • 3.5 Hr.
$40 (Kit Estimate $30)
April 4 • 10am-1:30pm & May 10 •12-4pm
Learn to stitch a beautiful multi layered cuff using a wide assortment of the new two hole beads. Another Starman stunning bracelet.

Rockin’ O Bracelet
All Levels • 3.5 Hr. Class
$40 (Kit Estimate $20)
May 9 • 2-5:30pm

Learn the right angle weave technique with Super Duo beads and the new o beads. This delicate and wide cuff is stunning.

Starfish Crystal Ring
All Levels • 3.5 Hr. Class
$40 (Kit Estimate $20)
April 5 • 12-4pm & June 27 • 10am-1:30

Learn to stitch a beautiful crystal ring.

Wire Sculpting and Wire Wrapping with Kimberly Berlin

2 Hr. Class
May 2 • 12-2pm & June 7 • 12-2pm

Expand your wire working skills and learn to make your own ear wires and two different clasp styles. Supplies are free in copper.

Jewerly Classes

Begining Necklace Sampler
All Levels • 4 Hour Class
$30 (Supply Estimate $13)
Coming Soon

Make a beautiful wire necklace and learn five new links and a clasp. Become familiar with wire-working tools and learn to create a necklace. Estimated class time is five hours. Upon class sign up, pre request either a copper or sterling wire kit.


Wire Wrapped Ring
All levels • 2 Hour Class
$25 (Kit Est. $17)
May 3 • 12-3pm

If you like wire wrapping, take it to a new level and make your own rings.  This beginner and intermediate class introduces you to three different ring patterns.  These fabulous rings are made with sterling silver, copper and Swarovski Crystal.

Link Bracelet

Link Bracelet
All Levels • 4 Hour Class
$25 (Supply Estimate $10)
June 6 •12-3pm

Learn to make this beautiful link bracelet. You will learn to work with wire to make a chain link and a clasp. This link is great to use in jewelry or with other links. The kits are available in copper and in sterling silver.

Stamped Metal Earrings

Bezel Wrapped Cabochon
Beginner • 4 Hour Class
$30 (Supply Estimate $32)
June 14 • 12pm-4pm

Using a standard onyx cabochon learn the basics of wire wrapping cabochons working with square wire and half-round wire.  These skills can easily be adapted to accommodate any cabochon shape.

Katie Holland’s Fun with Metal
Lucky Steampunk Necklace

Lucky Steampunk Necklace
All Levels • 5 Hr. Class
June 20 •  10am-5pm

Make a steampunk inspired necklace using your lucky number for inspiration! In this class you will learn how to cut, texture, rivet, patina, saw and create height using copper and brass sheet. You will have one hour for lunch. Instructor Katie Holland

Stamped and Riveted Charm Bracelet
All Levels • 3 Hour Class
April 19 • 12-4:30pm

Using Copper and brass circle blanks, students will learn how to stamp words along curved and straight lines. Bring your own quote or favorite words to stamp or choose from a list the instructor will provide. Includes all materials.

raised box pendant

Raised Box Pendant
All Levels • 3 Hr. Class
June 19th • 5:30-8:30pm

This is a great fun class for beginners to metal. No glue, no solder just wonderful cold connections. You will cut and texture copper and brass sheet using a variety of texture hammers. Learn to make rivets to hold you pieces together.  Learn to add a patina.  There will be several shapes to choose from and each piece will come out different. Includes all materials.

Tab Set Prong Pendant

Tab Set Prong Pendant
All Levels • 4 Hour Class
$40 (Kit Est. $15)
April 18 • 10am to 3pm

Learn how to add a stone to your metal work with no solder! Design your pendant around a stone of your choice while learning how to cut, texture, rivet, patina. Capture a stone using tab prongs and cold connections. Includes all materials except cab. Bring or purchase cab.

Simple Soldering Free Form Prongs

Simple Soldering - Free Form Prongs
Intermediate - Beginner • 3 Hour Class
$65 Includes Materials
June 21 • 12-4pm

Learn simple soldering and how to custom make a wire prong setting to hold a stone.

Metal in the Moonlight Classes

Metals in the Moonlight
Join us on the 1st and 3rd Friday Evening of each month from 5-9pm for an evening of socialization and metal jewelry making! Bring your own tools or rent ours. Call the store or email for more information.

Silversmithing with Barbara Garrett
Don Noris Silversmithing

Beginning Silversmithing
Beginner • Two Day Workshop
$300 (includes supplies)
May 23 & May 24
Two Day Workshop
All stones, silver, supplies and tools are furnished for the class.  You will learn how to solder sterling silver.  You will design a pendant, make a bezel, solder it together, set the stone, and polish your projects. This is not just a project class.  You will be learning good basic skills that will allow you to make many different projects.  Class fee $300.00 (includes supplies & Silver) • Two Day Workshop


For more information call 210- 490-7625 or email