Featuring the artwork of - Louis Vega Treviño


Originals Beads and Gems is please to announce an upcoming showcase of work by local San Antonio artist- Louis Vega Treviño .

Louis art work will be on display and available for purchase for the month on Sep 2019.

A meet the artist reception will be held in his honor at a date to be decided.


Louis Vega Treviño (b. 1972, San Antonio, Texas) attended San Antonio College in 1990 where he studied Architecture and Art before working with Kell Munoz Architects as a designer from 1992-2000. In 2000 - 2012, Trevino opened his studio space, Circle Infiniti, with artist, Ben Mata. Currently has a working studio at Hausmann buildings. Trevino has enjoyed numerous exhibits in San Antonio and around the United Sates, including New York, Chicago, Houston and Austin. He has exhibited at Southwest School of Art, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, Unit B Gallery and Mexic-Arte Museum. Recently showed with Kenneth Noland, James Little and Cleve Gray at Rosenbaum Contemporary, “Color, Line, Form”.

Trevino’s works on paper include drawings on museum board, post-it-notes, and over 60,000 cocktail napkins, which he has translated to a variety of media such as carpet and textile design by manipulating naturally formed geometric shapes to create innovative patterns. Trevino’s line work is mesmerizingly precise, with bright, bold colors that capture and hold the viewer’s attention. Giant sized versions of Trevino’s napkin designs are brought to life in the Kiosks of Main Plaza where each line is tangible and real.

Trevino is also known for his oil on canvas “line” paintings that blur and merge color in almost perfect linear fashion. He is obsessed with precision and color, both abundantly present in his drawings and paintings.