Easy Bangles - Introduction to Soldering

Easy Bangles (Introduction to Soldering)

$60 (Kit is No Charge in Copper and Silver will be available for purchase) * Entry Level * 4 Hr. Class

This class is the beginning class to a series of classes held every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday evenings and some weekends in this quarter to build your metal-smithing skills. This class will teach you to form and solder metal with a hand held torch and how to work with tools to create stunning projects. Each class on Wednesday evening is a different project and is designed to build your skills in metals. This class has only 4 students and is required to have all costs paid at the time of registration and is non refundable. You can purchase one class for $60 or two for $50. Once you have had this beginning class you can skip to any of the other Wednesday night intermediate classes.