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Easy Bangles - Introduction to Soldering

$60 (Plus a Kit) A kit is No Charge in Copper and Silver will be available for purchase) * Entry Level * 4 Hr. Class

This is an entry level class to learn soldering. This class is the beginning class to a series of classes held every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday evenings and some week ends to build metal-smithing skills. This class will teach you to form and solder metal with a hand held torch and how to work with tools, solder and to create stunning projects. Each class on Wednesday evening is a different project and is designed to build your skills in metals. This class has only 5 students and is required to have all costs paid at the time of registration and is non refundable or transferable. Once you have had this beginning class you can skip to any intermediate classes in metals and soldering.

You can purchase a class for $60 or two for $50. The class fees for evening classes are non-refundable due to demand. Call 210-490-7625 to reserve your place.